Public Space Transformation:
Redesigning Genevieve Melody Elementary School's Alleyway
In collaboration with Chloe Watson, Faye Gozon, and Xavier Pacheco
Genevieve Melody Elementary School located in the Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago sought out for solutions to address school safety within the school campus. My team and I were tasked with re-purposing and re-vitalizing the alleyway which had become a public safety and health hazard. We sought to engage the student population
through a playful sensorial experience focused on the senses. Utilizing our community insights we managed to repurpose the space into an inclusive, safe creative asset for Genevieve Melody Elementary School.

A previously redesigned courtyard at Genevieve Melody Elementary School

Top View of Alleyway

Our five senses guide the human experience touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. 
This playspace aims to immerse the child through a walkthrough exploration of the beautiful sensations of enhanced touch, sight, and sound. 
The experience takes you on an adventure by merging play with light and color, movement and sound, and texture with visuals.

Sensorial Obstacle Course

Climbing Wall

Sensory Friendly Decompression Room