Visualizing the Forgotten
The current American urban environment is unsustainable, creating a hostile, unsafe, and isolating experience in our communities due to our car-centered design, crumbling infrastructure, and neglect of black and brown neighborhoods. This project spotlights underutilized urban space, urban waste, and decay through a walkthrough exhibit. This is an exploration of interaction with visuals, material, and structure.
Acting as a modular, living sculpture, the form will be dictated by the spaces in which it's placed. 
It's through the exposure of decay and neglect that the curious passerby might gain awareness of public spaces and their potential.
I utilized rusted metal cubes, compressed garbage cubes, acrylic terrarium cubes, and a modular wooden frame to showcase the physical and environmental footprint underutilized spaces leave behind while highlighting the potential for green space-centered solutions.
At night, the sculpture transforms into an ambient lighting environment, acting as a safe gathering space for night-time culture.
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